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Dr. Jeff Schwan, DC., CCSP®, received his education at National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL, where he graduated Valedictorian.

He is a board certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.


I began my journey to becoming a Sports Chiropractor when I was a kid. I was always active and played just about every sport I could; soccer, baseball, track, tennis, wrestling and skiing to name a few. I followed my passion for soccer and played at the collegiate level for St. Mary's University. And, as every athlete will tell you, you will get injured if you play long enough. I have experienced my share of pain from separated and dislocated shoulders, sprained ankles, neck pain, hip pain and debilitating low back pain.

When a patient walks into my office with injuries and pain I remember how frustrating a nagging injury would be when it was keeping me from getting back to competing at my full potential. That is why I try to get patients back to pain free and doing want to do in as little time as possible. There is nothing worse than missing out on all the hard work you have put into your sport or activity.

Today I continue to push myself mentally and physically. I continue to work tirelessly to constantly learn the latest techniques and keep up to date on the latest research. I also find time to play soccer, ski, camp and hike with my amazing family.

                                           Dr. Jeff Schwan


Jeff Schwan, DC, CCSP®
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